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SecondLife MarketPlace

Everyone should check out the market place there is quite allot of free stuff.

Have a look here

Second life marketplace Free stuff

Free Textures

Free Building Components

Free Scripts


Who is my avatar?

Second Life

  • Why did I choose this name for my avatar?

Name: Stoobing

Its based off Capt Stubing from the TV show “The Love Boat” and the reason why i chose it i have no idea ha ha.

  • What does my avatar’s appearance say about me?

no idea

  • How much does my avatar represent who I am?

Not a lot, well it sorta does i like changing my costumes allot only weird and wacky ones.

  • How important is my avatar to me?

Not allot im more focused on the objects i build

  • How important are other people’s avatar appearances to me?

Not really fazed, like seeing things out of the ordinary and costumes that people have put allot of time and effort into

SL increase FPS

Found this good site to increase your FPS ingame

SecondLife Account

Username: Stoobing Stipe

WP blog revamp for MUV601

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